NewsFind Out About Carbon-Biodiversity Co-Benefits at RSPO’s RT13 Conference 16-19th Nov, Kuala Lumpur

October 15, 2015

SEnSOR’s Science Impact Coordinator, Dr Jen Lucey, will be giving a plenary talk at this years’ RSPO roundtable conference in Kuala Lumpur. She will be talking about SEnSOR’s latest study to determine patterns of biodiversity and carbon storage across land cover types in oil palm landscapes.

The oil palm industry is currently grappling with how to maximise both biodiversity and carbon storage in the landscape while balancing the demand for increasing palm oil production. To help formulate effective policy in this area, decisions-makers need to know whether there is an overlap between the land-uses that are important for biodiversity and those that are important for carbon. We synthesised data from over 75 studies to understand how well levels of biodiversity and above ground carbon storage correlate across the major land cover types in oil palm growing regions of Malaysia and Indonesia. Dr Lucey will present the results and discuss the implications for better land planning. Read the paper here.