NewsNew report: RSPO principles and criteria should include climate change resilience measures as well as climate change mitigation measures

January 19, 2018

Our latest report led by Susannah Fleiss at the University of York investigates the potential impact of climate change on palm oil production in the future. The report finds that the total area suitable for growing oil palm in future is likely to decrease and also move up hill where many of the remaining intact forests occur. Currently, RSPO Principles and Criteria related to climate change focus on mitigation measures, including avoiding deforestation and reducing emissions from operations. To ensure that the oil palm industry is robust to climate change, and that yields are maintained or enhanced without threatening forests, the RSPO should also advocate measures that promote climate change resilience such as the development of drought tolerant oil palm varieties, preparing for irrigation, and improving connectivity for species to track climate across the landscape. Read the full report here.