NewsOur latest report is now available: Scoping the unintended impacts of RSPO

August 15, 2019

The first of our phase three outputs has been released. In this study we scoped the potential unintended impacts of RSPO for biodiversity and natural habitats. The RSPO aims to conserve vital biodiversity and natural habitats, however, policies designed with the best intentions can sometimes have unexpected effects- both positive and negative. Very little research has been conducted on the unintended impacts of RSPO, but it is vital to identify and measure these effects to make sure the certification standard is having the net positive outcomes we hope for. In this study we draw on scientific and grey literature about RSPO and also other conservation an sustainability initiatives, as well as gathering stakeholder observations, to develop a list of potential impacts. We identify the top priorities for future research and policy action. Read our science-for-policy brief here.