SEnSOR Steering Committee

Datuk Dr Glen ReynoldsProgramme Director SE Asia: Datuk Dr Glen Reynolds (The Royal Society SE Asia Rainforest Research Programme – SEARRP) has worked in SE Asia for over 15 years and is based in Sabah. He is Director of the Royal Society SEARRP and the SAFE Project. He has strong links with research organisations, government organisations, international tropical scientists and NGOs in SE Asia.



Dr Jennifer LuceyProgramme manager: Dr Jennifer Lucey (University of Oxford, UK) researches biodiversity within oil palm plantations as part of the SEARRP programme based at Danum Valley. She delivered the SEnSOR scoping study, and has developed a broad overview of sustainability issues in relation to oil palm, with contacts among the scientific community and oil palm industry.



Professor Jane HillProgramme Director UK: Professor Jane Hill (University of York, UK) has been researching impacts of environmental change on biodiversity for >20 years. She researches tropical biodiversity, with an emphasis on land-use change and global climate warming, through collaborations with Universiti Malaysia Sabah and the Sabah Forestry Department.



Dr Peter van der MeerProgramme Director Netherlands: Dr Peter van der Meer (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences) researches tropical forest management with particular expertise in carbon sequestration and sustainable use of peat forests in SE Asia. He has extensive experience of collaborative projects which combine environmental and social disciplines.

Topic Area Research Coordinators:

TA1 Soil and Water

Prof Rory Walsh (Swansea University, UK) has researched soil erosion and hydrology in logged forests of SE Asia for >20 years, and was the first to construct long-term climate data for Sabah. His work has contributed to the understanding of forest modification and land-use change on river systems.


TA2 GHGs and air quality

Prof Nick Hewitt (Lancaster University, UK) studies the effects of land use change on atmospheric composition and chemistry. He recently headed a large international research project based at Danum Valley (UK Government funded ‘OP3’ project) which investigated the effects of forest modification and oil palm on GHG emissions and air


TA3 Biodiversity             

Prof Keith Hamer (University of Leeds, UK) has researched impacts of tropical forest degradation and conversion to oil palm on biodiversity for >15 years, and was the first to show how logging alters species interactions and food webs. He has examined biodiversity of HCV in plantations through collaborations with the Sabah Forestry Department and Universiti Malaysia


TA4 Participatory Process and rights

Dr Michiel Köhne (Wageningen University, NL) has been researching issues between local communities and companies for 10 years. He researches local decision making processes and participatory processes with regard to competing claims. For the last two years he has focused on oil palm production and RSPO, working in Indonesia on the reconciliation of palm oil related land conflicts.


TA5 Livelihoods

Dr Maja Slingerland (Wageningen University, NL) and Jolanda van den Berg (LEI Wageningen UR, NL). Maja has been researching smallholder farming systems for >20 years. She has been working on environmental and social sustainability issues both from agri-food chain and land use perspectives and is currently researching sustainable intensification of oil palm with smallholders in Indonesia and Thailand. Jolanda has wide experience in socio-economic impact assessments and sustainable livelihoods research in SE Asia, and has experience in informing policy decisions at the local, regional and national ,


Key theme 3- Cost-benefit analysis

Dr Kees Burger (Wageningen University, NL).  Dr. kees has been researching the economics of agricultural commodity markets for >20 years, with a focus on tree crops. He studies agricultural risk management, sustainable tree crop production (including oil palm) and the organisation of certification