Knowledge base

Scoping study:

In 2011, the RSPO commissioned a scoping study to identify knowledge gaps in the testing and development of its Principles and Criteria for sustainability. Through investigating ‘agricultural best practices’, ‘social and environmental responsibility’, and ‘new plantings’ (RSPO Principles 4-7), the scoping study synthesized current knowledge and revealed current knowledge gaps.  Information gathering involved: (1) a literature search of peer-reviewed and “grey” literature in the public domain (~ 220 studies); (2) an on-line survey of researchers and consultants to gather information on published and ongoing research, and opinions on key knowledge gaps (16 surveys); (3) face to face interviews with growers, consultants, NGOs, leading academics and consumer members about ongoing work and research needs (56 interviews). The results of the scoping study form the basis for SEnSOR.

A synthesis of the scoping study can be found here (attach knowledge gaps brochure here).

The SEnSOR programme will work closely with other projects and organisations to share knowledge.

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